HABITAT  Hardware








Yes, we support remote customers

No matter where you live or where your project is located.

Our customer service includes inspection of all products

that we receive before they are forwarded to your job site

to reduce expensive contractor down-time caused by

receiving defective or wrong products, or incomplete shipments. 

Hardware and plumbing items can be bundled & marked by room,

door location, subcontractor or by time frame at no extra cost!

We excel in supporting your project management

Building upon over twenty years experience in the Electronics

Manufacturing Industry, we would be happy to work with you by mapping

our deliveries or services to your construction timetable so that we can

build product packages to meet your building path and deadlines.


It is important for you to know that we are an Authorized Factory Dealer

for over 90% of our product lines -and the rest are obtained from only

Authorized Factory Dealers in close working relationships with us.

We also support remote designers or resellers of our products to

help them to effectively design-in or sell our products.

Call us to discuss your special requirements so that we can
best meet your expectations in working with us!